We search out only the best, most sought after popular ramen to put in your box! Prepare to find flavors like lobster or mushroom noodles inside your box!

Noodles? Yes, please.

At World Ramens, we strive to help you experience the flavors of the world from the comfort of your home. There are more than 3,000 types of "Instant Ramen" in the world and we want to help you try them all! We started World Ramens to share our passion and love for food and culture. We know trying new things can be scary, so we only pack each bundle with flavors you're sure to love. Join us and happy eating!


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bowl of ramen with eggs meat and vegetables

A Guide to Ramen

Seriously, it just requires a cup of hot water to satisfy your hunger. But this comfortable pack of ramen is originated in Japan and China. It is known as the pride of both countries. Tokyo style ramen, Sapporo ramen, Hakata style ramen, Chinese cold noodle, and many more…. It is not just a bowl or a dish; it is a journey towards their culture and new flavors’ dimensions.

Days for Noodles

Ramen is a bowl of all flavors merrily married together. Whether they are soupy, cold, stir-fried, or dipping noodles, they are just delicious and profoundly satisfying. They are must to have in your kitchen cabinets and shelves, and we recommend World Ramens for a fantastic experience with the perfect solution to your hunger.

bowl of ramen with vegetables

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